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  1. korb

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    i dunno where this SW should belong to.but it look something like prevx1 and abit like defencewall. i'm testing it now.i do like the outbound firewall concept which my inbound already protected by a router and chx-1.but i still finding how to configure it since it do not show the console by right clicking on the icon tray.any comment on this new software.
  2. korb

    korb Guest

    ok ,after reading the userguide online,i somehow understand it.the software is very easy to did not need any userintervention.whenever you start any program connect to internet it will promt you.or any programm connect it self without you knowing .GESwall will promt you.asking you ,do you want to isolated the act like a sanbox but more easy and better than sandbox.Files and registry keys created by an isolated web browser or other isolated application pose a risk as they may contain mal-ware. GeSWall treats all such files as untrusted and warns whenever an application is started from untrusted executables proposing to isolate it. In some cases, if you have downloaded a software installation package from a source that you trust then you may need to run it non-isolated.
    the tecnology are base on:
    The foundation of the technology is a Windows® Security Framework (WSF) - a general framework to accomplish flexible access control policies. The framework works as a kernel mode driver and controls access to any type of Windows® objects, including
    registry keys
    memory sections
    GUI windows

    more read on
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    Apr 15, 2002
    Please take a look at the ongoing thread concerning this product and participate in the discussion there.

    This thread---> GeSWall v2.1

    No offense intended - but in order to keep things nice and tidy over here, this thread has been closed.

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