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    General Policy Statement - Software Sales, Discounts & Promotions (limited offer)
    Members should not post about any special deals, discounts, or software sales promotions that are intended to be offered only to a limited audience.

    Typically, such offers are meant only for members of the group to which they are distributed. For example, many offers from subscription services, such as PC magazines, are intended only for the subscribers themselves. They are not meant to be reposted or given out to the public at large. Some offers are also intended to have a limited geography, i.e. available only to those residing in a particular country or region. At times, people have distributed what was intended to be a limited offer, and caused the provider of such offers great expense and even disruption of services.

    A key indicator that an offer is meant to be "for everyone" is if it can be navigated to directly from the providers home page, without any special knowledge of hidden links, passwords, discount codes or coupons. Conversely, any webpage offer that explicitly states that it is intended only for a special club, group or membership, (keywords such as "exclusive offer" clearly indicate this), definitely should not be posted here! If any vendor or offer provider objects to the posting of any such content, it will be removed immediately without question.

    The following are links to some of the more useful threads in this forum section...

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    Please let us know if you think we should add links to other threads in Software & Services here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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