Game camera SD card and computer

Discussion in 'hardware' started by WilliamP, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Jun 1, 2003
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    This is a crazy question,but here goes. I have a game camera to get pictures of the deer that pass through my yard. Everything works fine except ,when I go to view the pictures in my computer. The pictures are numbered correctly, but aren't arranged on the SD card in the correct order. The first picture may be 86 and go thru 140 then 1 thru 85. I have tried to figure it out. My computer is my own build with XP and a built in card viewer. How can I correct this?
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    First, if this computer connects to a network that has Internet access, you really should upgrade to a newer, secure operating system. The problem is not just that XP is no longer supported and may become a threat to you at any moment, but badguys frequently target these systems to become threats to everybody else - without you even knowing the computer has been compromised. So, it is time to let your trusty old XP system retire.

    As for your camera, I don't know. But what I have seen before on other devices (cameras and my blood pressure monitor, for example) is when I connect and view the pictures (or BP readings) on my computer, the device resets the counter and begins counting all over again. In my camera, this is a setting in the camera. For my BP monitor, it is a setting in the software installed on my computer that imports my BP readings into charts. So you might want to look at settings - either in the camera, or the program used to download them.

    I would also make sure the camera's data and time are correct. Maybe the date got reset at some point (perhaps during a battery change?) and now showing 86 to 140 as having earlier timestamps than 1 to 85.