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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by steverope, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. steverope

    steverope Registered Member

    Jan 24, 2005
    Hi, wow thanks for the replys, I am running a laptop with a P4ht, 1gb ram, 128 mb ati vid, 60 gb HD and I use the extendia pro that has the dual engine AV.......I have tried using the single engine, and yes it does speed things up considerably, What I most wonder about is that I have a fast(relatively) computer with tons of ram, but there is still about a 6 second wait when starting applications(using both engines) is this acceptable? With the kav engine only, it takes about 3 sec. With the rav engine only 3 sec. do these times seem reasonable? I thought that this program would be speedy, because with norton AV I show 230 mb ram being used at start up(monitoring only) and with extendia pro I show significantly less.....175-180mb at start up(monitoring only not scanning) With the extendia AV disabled I get instant program start. The other thing is the e-mail recognition, I tried what was suggested, but it still shows no tab in outlook options. I am however showing outlook in the pop3 box in the extendia email monitor box, any other suggestions would be appreciated. On the plus side, extendia (both engines full protection) takes only 65 mins to do a ful scan of 40gb of data on my hard drive, compaired to Norton taking 2h45m. Anyy feedback is very much appreciated, and this fourm is the best, very proffesional and knowlegeable. Thanks, Steven

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    Re: Extendia antivirus pro email


    Hi, to clarify things, I am getting e-mail protection for outlook, its just that it is not the specific outlook coverage, it is in the "other pop3" account box, therefore I do not have an extendia AV tab in my outlook options, for fine tuning the mail options for the AV. Pls let me know if this is normal and/or a fix, as well as the other post I placed. Thanks, Steven
  2. solarpowered candle

    solarpowered candle Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2003
    new zealand
    Sounds like its up and running. To check ... when incoming mail arrives ( on my extendia kav ) a box shows on the task bar that extendia is checking incoming. Hopefully the AVK pro does this also. You can check also in the control panel what emails AVK has monitored by > Start > extendia anti virus >Status > double click "email virus blocker" .. there you can see what has been processed by extendia or if it is working
    I dont have Outlook only outlook express so I am unable to see how this works regarding checking your outlook account set up. In Outlook express there is a way to check this by opening Tools > accounts> Mail> properties >server What is there should be the same as is shown in the manual.

    As far as some tweeks ...there are some regarding your real time monitor . Blackcat has some for Extendia which may help .I personally dont run with a real time monitor . Extendia is a very good AV and is able to offer good protection as you have dicovered.
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