Full Disk Encryption for both Mac and Pc with ability to share files

Discussion in 'HFS for Windows' started by smokeyvibe, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Jan 10, 2013
    My macbook is encrypted with Filevault 2.

    I have two external USB drives and alternate the one I take to work every day, and make a Carbon Copy Clone every day at work. CCC basically just copies the entire Mac hard drive over to the USB drive and makes it bootable.

    After the first CCC backup, I booted into the clone and activated FileVault2. After 6 hours, my CCC clone was also encrypted. I can boot into the clone again, and turn off FileVault2, but then my files are not safe. I need some FDE on the clone that I can read on Windows (or Linux).

    My point is that while my Mac is FV2 encrypted, the external USB can use a different encryption system, but I still want it to be bootable by the Mac.

    Since I swap backup drives every day, I always have one of these backups at home, and life would be much easier if I could read these backups on Windows or Linux.


    It doesn't look like Paragon HFS for Windows can read the FV2 encrypted drive.

    Apparently Apple won't allow an OSX VM on a Windows host.

    I don't have a Mac at home.


    I want FDE on the Mac (and clones) and I want to be able to read the backup images on Windows/Linux. The clones don't have to use the same encryption method as the Mac. Is there some other way to do FDE on the Mac (clone) that will allow me to read it on a Windows PC (or Linux)?