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    from Marcos: This smells like a trolling so stop bashing NOD32 without a proof. I'm woroking with samples on a daily basis and see dozens of false positives from other AVs. If you have come across a false positive, just submit it to samples[at] and it will be fixed.

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    He is bashing all other AV's by it self, and then he tells me that i do....
    I was just speaking the truth, nod32 has most of all other AV's false positive, i have tested myself with all antivirus products.
    And Marocs everytime we speak about nod32, you must bash other AV's , ncnc not so good.
  2. Pain of Salvation

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    Apr 21, 2005
    So you are the owner of the truth?

    take a look at

    And please, don´t tell me about your lame tests.
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    Ladies & Gents,

    no private discussions here please!

    If you have a problem with Marcos feel free to contact him via PM.

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