Frequency of updates for Adobe Flash Player

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by DIV, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Jun 4, 2018
    Lately it has felt as though Adobe is releasing updates of Flash player every couple of weeks.

    Apparently it has 'only' been about once a month.
    Flash Player 32:
    2019-09-10: important bug and security fixes.
    2019-08-13: important bug fixes.
    2019-07-09: important bug fixes.
    2019-06-11: important bug and security fixes.
    2019-05-14: important bug and security fixes.
    2019-04-25: updated the AIR shared runtime with an important bug fix for video playback.
    2019-04-09: important bug and security fixes.
    important bug and security fixes.
    2019-02-12: important bug and security fixes.
    2019-01-08: important bug fixes.
    2018-12-11: we've updated the AIR SDK and Runtime with bug fixes and new functionality.
    2018-12-05: critical bug fixes and security updates.

    I just wonder what impression other people on this forum have of that.

    My feeling is that Flash Player shouldn't be such a complicated piece of software as to require so many patches.
    I realise that Microsoft Windows may get patches roughly once a month too, but I consider Windows a much more complicated software system, with a lot more interfaces with external hardware and third-party software.

    Am I being unfair? Is it actually (somehow) a good sign that so many bugs and vulnerabilities have been discovered in Adobe Flash Player? Is it possible that this is not even Adobe's fault, but has been caused by circumstances outside of their control that they can merely respond to?
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