FreeCap - aka 'freeze-crash' 'freeze crash' et al

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by deadmanschest, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. deadmanschest

    deadmanschest Registered Member

    May 6, 2002
    Hi all - I am having a hair pulling problem trying to 'Socksify' apps with FreeCap on an old WinME machine with IERAdicated.

    Background; I have played around with JAP and Tor, setting both up to run http and https via Proxomitron (& Privoxy with Tor) and that has worked great with various browsers.

    Attempted to do: I wanted to play around with trying to Tor-ify other protocols POP and SMTP with email, maybe FTP, etc just to see if it would work. Also to try to socksify Proxo just to see how it worked wilth Freecap, as opposed to routing thru Privoxy and Proxo.

    Big Problem: FreeCap installed and seems to work fine. I tried to socksify Popcorn (email app I use as checker) as it is simple and direct to net, (not routed thru AV email checker), started Tor, tried to Run Popcorn thru Freecap and had a dramatic, total system freeze and crash, had every app from Explorer to Process Explorer to Kerio firewall crashing and freeze..Kill power .again, Kill power again, FTP app, again Kill power.....grrrrrr

    Kiiled power and started again. This time I tried to sockify Proxxo via Freecap, reasoning that since I had Proxo playing nice with Tor and Privoxy and had Kerio set nice to accomodate all that that mayby I had missed something with Popcorn....again..spectacular and total freeze and crash and burn...pull power plug (notionally) again and hard restart...

    I know (believe) that FreeCap is setup correctly, to find Tor on 9050 and to ignore my router with direct connect to local 192.168. etc , so I am at wit's end.

    The only thiing that I can possible think is that I have a DNS block, UDP to port 53 in Kerio, can't even remenber why, but has been for years and never a problem, certainly not an issue for Tor with http or JAP with http...

    Anyone have any idea? I am sick of crashing and burning everytime I try. (I tend to get stupidly stubborn, when I should just forget it....hehe)


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