Free Symantec DeepSight Extractor 4.4.1

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    DeepSight Analyzer allows you to track and report on events that are being observed by your personal security products. Your security events are automatically submitted to Symantec by a software program called DeepSight Extractor. Once submitted, your security events join those of thousands of other individuals, and allow Symantec to see wide-spread attack activity on the Internet. By joining the DeepSight Analyzer program at Symantec, you receive a number of benefits. DeepSight Analyzer gives you the following functionality, at absolutely no charge to you: Each day, at the time that you choose, you will receive a summary report via email.This report includes the top events that you have seen, the top ports that you have seen activity on, the top IP addresses from which this activity has originated, and the countries from which the events originated. Through the DeepSight Analyzer online console you can generate reports, summarizing event activity over a period of time. You can report on the top events that are being observed on your network, determine which country, ISP, and IP addresses are attacking you, and summarize activity for a particular attacker.
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    In case you would like to read a little bit more about DeepSight, read in this thread at DSLR:,13726003

    Blake (Link Logger) tells there something about DeepSight.

    = Quote from Blake =
    Given I designed and built DeepSight with my partner (it was called Aris back then)
    = end quote from Blake =

    Later in that thread he gives some info about how it works.
    It is always interesting to read Blake's postings !
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    Feb 9, 2002
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