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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Alphalutra1, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Dec 17, 2005
    I currently want to backup my games to my computer so I can run them with Daemon Tools emulator. This will speed up the performance of my games since it is from the harddrive and not a cd drive, and I can keep the cds in a safe place(probably in a safe so my pets don't get at them :D , or I don't spill something on them, scratch them, etc.).

    I know about clonecd, alcohol120, blindright, etc. but I would like a freeware alternative that will create a file that is either .cue/bin, .iso, .ccd, .bwt, .mds, .cdi, .nrg, .pdi, or .b5t (these are the filetypes supported by Daemon tools).

    I am currently looking at Xduplicator whose website may be located at this url:
    but I am not sure if it(the app) is malware free and works? Does anyone know of any program that will do this in addition to Xduplicator and that is malware free? I guess one that supports RAW mode would be the best since it is games that I am trying to back up?

    BTW, I have a windows xp sp2 if anyone wanted to know the operating system for compatible apps. I also only have ONE cd/dvd burner combo drive for my computer.

    Thanks for the help,

    I found the software I was looking for. It is called burnatonce and incorporates cdrdao into it, very similar to XDuplicator. Thanks for all those who may have been looking for me. If you have any ideas that are far superior, feel free to chime in, it could help me :D
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