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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by stratoc, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. stratoc

    stratoc Guest

    hi, i rebuilt my pc over a week ago, the problem i had was everything ran fine but games had very random drastic frame rate drops (single figures) they would then climb back up, i thought this was either a heat or power issue, i changed cpu, grx card psu, flashed bios all drivers up to date, i could work this out.
    as i was trying to find the cause of this problem, i alt/ tabbed during the slowdown to find cpu 100% game was 20% dwm exe was 25% the rest was eset?
    disabling protection i dont see this problem, as soon as i re-enable it's back? i have no other security software installed 37 running processes (on 32 bit vista!)
    in browsers i put an 'x' in all my online games, i have never had this problem before and it's only ever happened on the latest version.
    any ideas?
  2. stratoc

    stratoc Guest

    Re: frame rates on games (699)

    i meant 669.
  3. KarlBeer

    KarlBeer Registered Member

    Jul 8, 2008
    Allow those games in question Local.
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