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    I just saw a thread in the "all things UNIX" section of Wilders, "The future of adobe flash player in linux."

    The future is not so flash...I had installed Opera 28 recently...and checking the settings was informed that my version of AdobeFlash Player was out of date.

    In another snapshot, the other day, I had just installed Vivaldi TP3.

    Anyhow, because I had gotten sick of the constant updates, I just stopped updating all my snapshots.

    But, because I could update via these [new] browsers I decided to update...

    Upshot, is that in one of the snapshots that I run, I inadvertently installed Chrome, which I didn't really didn't want and in the other snapshot I avoided that.

    ScreenShot_Opera28_flashplayer update_04.gif

    So, I have two snapshots, that now [recently] have been updated for the first time since 2012.

    ScreenShot_Opera28_flashplayer update_14.gif ... ScreenShot_Adobe Flash Player_install_110.gif

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