FIXED: Win Update Repeat of KB837009

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by COSMO26, Dec 11, 2005.

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    Oct 21, 2003
    Link Below led me to Fix of Win Me issue (not sure of other OS's) where Win Update kept indicating that Update KB 837009 was Needed, AND in "Already Installed history" that it had Been Installed Multi-Times. FYI

    Clear History, delete Cookies and delete TIF via IE: Tools > Options > General, then...

    1. Download the Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express 6 Service Pack 1 (KB837009; all OSS) from the following link, saving it to your Desktop:*B6-EDE1C73F97B5&displaylang=en

    [Optional: 2. Restart the computer in Safe Mode. (During the reboot, keep pressing the F8 key until the Windows Startup menu appears > Choose Safe Mode > Enter.)]

    3. Close Outlook Express and rename the downloaded file to KB837009.EXE and copy it to C:\ (the root directory of drive C; assumes drive C is the boot drive)

    4. Start > Run > (type in) C:\KB837009.EXE /N:V (Note the space) > press ENTER

    5. Close the command window.

    6. Reboot into Windows and see if the problem persists when checking in at Windows Update.
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