Firewall performance collapses at night!

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Art Krumsee, Dec 11, 2019.

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    Dec 11, 2019
    In my home I have a wired Ethernet with an attached WiFi net. Most devices are hard wired and attach to a Ubiquiti switch. From there I connect through a Checkpoint 600 security "appliance"/firewall and out to the Internet. Because sleeping has become a challenge (long uninteresting story) I've begun to notice that between 2 and 5 AM. my Internet connectivity intermittently drops to zero. Stranger still, during these times I can't even ping the internal LAN port on the Checkpoint firewall.

    This has been really tough to debug since I can't even log into my Checkpoint when these storms happen.

    I replaced my previous unmanaged switch with the Ubiquiti managed switch since it lets me see something of what is going on. During the day I typically see activity on half a dozen ports. If no one is streaming video I might see <30kbs on those 6 switch ports. With streaming the firewall's internal LAN connection and the streaming device might show activity in the 2-3mbs range. But at night the picture gets very strange. With 4-5 devices active and no streaming, the switch shows 3-5mbs of activity on the internal LAN connection to from the switch to the firewall. No other switch ports show anything like high bandwidth activity. I do run an Internet backup at night but this is scheduled earlier, around 1 AM.

    The firewall rules are simple, allowing outbound connections and blocking inbound connections. There are exceptions to enable outbound VPN usage (Private Internet Access) and to block inbound phishing attempts, spam, illegal sites, etc. The firewall logs report blocked traffic and nothing unusual shows up during these outages.

    Does anyone have some thoughts on what might be going on? I'm stumped.
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