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Discussion in 'Other ESET Home Products Beta' started by rcdailey, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Dec 25, 2009
    Have recently noticed that Firefox is complaining that it cannot make a secure connection for update. I have just excluded the certificate for to see whether that will get rid of the error message. I have SSL protocol checking set to "Always." This is in NOD32 beta. I think this is similar to the issue I have reported regarding Secunia, but at least Firefox alerts to the problem. So far as I can tell from checking otherwise, I have the latest version of Firefox (13.0.1). If the error message appears again, I will know that it is something else that is causing it.

    Added: I did a search on the URL that I excluded and found that in 2011, there was a Mozilla bug thread regarding update failure and that URL, so it is possible that this is purely an issue with the Mozilla update servers, redirection, etc. I've now removed the excluded certificate and will wait and see whether the error shows up again.

    I can report that the update error for Firefox has not reappeared.

    I'm going to add something different but remotely related. I don't really want to start yet another thread, so I will offer something that I found is acceptable as a workaround for the certificate issue when it comes to specific sites and/or specific browsers. A while back, I discovered that I could not sign in to my Yahoo account using IE8, it it was obviously a certificate issue. I did not have a problem using Firefox 13.0.1 for the same Yahoo account, so it appears that was browser related.

    Today, I found that I could not connect to pay my Time Warner Cable bill. There is a redirection at the TWC site to the PayExpress login and it was failing. I immediately thought of the certificate issue, so I went into the advanced settings in Eset NOD32 and set SSL to "Do not use SSL scanning." Immediately, when I opened up Firefox again and went to the TWC site, I was able to continue and make my bill payment. Afterward, I went back into NOD32 and reset SSL to "Always scan." While I had scanning disabled, I checked IE8 and found that I could sign into my Yahoo account with SSL scanning disabled.

    So, for now, if I really want to do either of those things, I'll just temporarily disable SSL scanning. I'm not expecting Eset to fix this because I think it relates to the websites mentioned and possibly to particular browsers and those sites. I could do what some people do and simply leave SSL scanning disabled. I had it set that way for a long time before this because it doesn't work with Thunderbird due to the fact that Thunderbird will not integrate with Eset NOD32 and probably never will again based on the constant updates to Thunderbird. However, I like the concept of SSL scanning and wish it would work with everything, so I can live with temporarily disabling for specific actions and re-enabling it afterward. It's comparable to disabling AV protection in order to install certain software. That's something that may have to be done and people expect to do it.

    I am addiing this because I don't want to start a new thread when I probably won't be back here. Today, the beta wanted to update the program to the new version. I clicked to allow the update, which apparently attempts to uninstall the old version before installing the new version. That started and then exited with no particular warning. Before I got the notice of the new version, I had experienced a loss of access to websites and then a popup from Windows saying that the Eset service had to close due to an error. I think that was the start of the problem with the update, which was probably being tried prior to my seeing it offered. In any case, I eventually had to run the standalone uninstaller and then run the program uninstaller again to get rid of version 6 beta. I downloaded and installed version 5 and that seems to be clean and correct. I am leaving SSL scanning disabled (default).

    Thanks for your attention.
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