Firefox Health and Crash Reporting

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Brosephine, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Brosephine

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    Dec 4, 2015
    Does enabling health & crash reporting in Firefox actually make your
    browser run better?

    I have always kept those settings disabled for increased privacy, but recently my FF browser has been acting highly unusual and although at times works good, is often unusable. It gets very slow, won't download things or if does they are incomplete, a couple of time the screen either redirected or it spontaneously went to some Asian websites. These are pretty clear signs of a virus or intrusion, but my AV
    and MBAV bith continue to say I'm good. I have refreshed FF a couple times and it works better afterwards, but the problems keep slowly returning. My Chrome browser has even begun showing the same signs! Every test I run says I'm clean still.

    It may be relevant to know that I would experiment with some about:config settings on FF, many of which I leaned about on this forum, my bookmark toolbar has hundreds of bookmarks, and I use around 10 addons from mozillas marketplace.

    This go around I'm planning to be less privacy focused more security focused with FF but don't want to sacrifice too much privacy. Will crash and health reporting really make my browser run better now like mozilla says it will? Or is it simply so they can improve future version and won't do much for me now?

    Also, I started recently started using HitmanPro which also says I'm clean and Voodoshield which I really like and wish I had known about it when I first got my comp because I'd probably be clean right now.

  2. bo elam

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    Jun 15, 2010
    Hello Brosephine. I am no expert on malware but the redirections you getting to Asian sites and Chrome starting to show same signs than Firefox, I think are tell tale signs that you are infected with some kind of Adware. Since this issue started recently, think about the programs that you installed this past few days or weeks, cause the adware probably came along one of this programs and you approved the installation. And look in Program files. See if you see something there that shouldn't be there or something that you consciously did not install or realized you were installing or you are not sure what it is. This program below is supposed to be good for detecting adware. I never used it as I learned about it after I learned how to prevent getting infected, but its got good reputation.

    For Firefox, you could create a new Firefox profile and go from there but if you are infected, the redirections probably would also affect the new profile.