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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by RipVanTinkle, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. RipVanTinkle

    RipVanTinkle Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2005
    I haven't seen anything recently on Firefox Extensions so here's a list of some
    of the handier ones in my book.

    Browsing the Mozilla or Extension Mirror sites can be daunting for new
    users as there are so many of these little blighters and also so many that
    appear to do basically the same thing. It is worth checking this page
    at Extension Mirrors for a list of similar extensions.


    You can download extensions from the makers website or by visiting
    Mozilla and The Extensions Mirror. The latter has many extensions not
    available on the Mozilla site. If you download extensions from Mozilla it is
    worth noting that there is often an updated version on the extension makers
    website as it takes some time for extensions to be approved at Mozilla.


    The Extension Mirror

    Adblock v0.5.2.039
    Adblock Plus v0.5.10


    An excellent AD blocker which is updated frequently. It can also be auto
    updated by using the Adblock Filterset.G Updater extension. It is
    customizable as well. Adblock Plus has extra 'cutting edge' Ad blocking
    It is easy to install and setup.


    NoScript v1.1.3.4


    Another must-have extension which controls all aspects of Java
    on web pages whilst browsing. You can Disallow or Allow per-session or
    per-website. You can also Disallow Flash and other plugins. You can add
    your own 'Allow' or 'Disallow' website lists from within the Options menu.
    It is easy to setup and customizable


    FlashGot v0.5.9.98


    FlashGot is THE download manager for links. It will download single
    or multiply downloads and can also re-direct the links to your preferred
    download manager e.g. Mass Downloader. Your download manager doesn't
    have to be compatible with your browser either. This wee extension
    has saved me a ton of right clicks
    It is easy to install though a little confusing to use at first.


    SuperDragAndGo v0.2.4


    I mainly use this for saving images. All you do is drag the image to any
    part of the open page and it will be automatically saved to a pre-defined
    directory/folder of your choice. It will also open URLs in a new Tab if you
    drag a link onto any open page, likewise with bookmark quicklinks from
    the bookmarks toolbar folder. You can drag a word or phrase onto your
    open page and it will do an immediate search in your chosen search
    engine. Image wise this one has saved me a ton of right clickings.
    Easy to install and setup.


    Download Statusbar v0.9.4


    This extension adds a small Status Bar to the bottom left side of your
    browser and will show you downloading files with a progress meter
    that gives the speed and percentage done. It auto-hides when not in use
    and will also show how many files you have downloaded. You can pause
    downloads with one click and there is also an option to start an anti-virus
    scan after each download. These are just some of this extensions features
    as it is highly customizable.
    Easy to install and setup.

    v0.9.4 only works with Firefox v1.5. Use v0.9.3.1 for FF v1.07


    Download Manager Tweak v0.7.1


    This allows you to set options in and for the standard Firefox download
    manager window. You can have it opening in a Tab or in the Sidebar for
    example. You can also make it open in the background.
    Easy to install and setup.

    v0.7.1 only works with Firefox v1.5. Use previous version for FF v1.07


    Bookmark Backup v0.3.3


    This handy extension will make daily backups of your bookmarks to
    a folder of your choice inside your Firefox profile directory. It will optionally
    backup other Firefox settings including History, Passwords, Preferences,
    Security Database, Form History, Cookies, Window Layout, User Files,
    Download History, Permissions, Download File Types and another files
    of your choice.
    Easy to install and setup.


    Add Bookmark Here v0.5.5


    This is yet another simple but great idea. It adds an 'Add Bookmark Here'
    option to all your bookmark folders in order for you to save bookmarks
    to the place of your choice. A real time saver.
    Easy to install and setup.

    v0.5.5 works only on v1.5. Use v0.5.3 for Firefox v1.07


    Auto Copy v0.6.0


    Another must-have (like many of the above). Any text you highlight on a
    web page will be automatically copied to the clipboard, saving yet
    another ton of right clicks. It can also be used in conjunction with the Copy
    Plain Text extension and may be incorporated in future releases.
    It is easy to install and setup.


    Copy Plain Text v0.3.1


    A simple but very useful extension which copies text from web pages in plain
    format - without any http formatting etc.
    Seems the maker of this has handed over development to the maker of the Plain
    Text To Links extension. A Firefox v1.5 compatible version is here



    Ext2Abc v0.4.0


    Why this isn't part of the standard Firefox setup I'll never know. It simply
    adds a 'Sort' option for your added extensions so that they appear in
    alphabetical order. If you are still using v1.07 then install Ext2Abc v0.2.1
    Just install, no options needed.


    TargetAlert v0.8.9.5


    This is a very unobtrusive extension which you really only appreciate
    once you start using it, at least that is my experience.

    No better description of what it does than the makers one.
    'TargetAlert provides a visual cue for the destination of a hyperlink by
    appending a link with an icon that shows what type of file it leads to, or the
    effects it may have, such as opening a new window or leaving a secure site.
    Icons can be set to appear only when mousing over a link (default), or they
    may be added to links automatically when the page loads.'


    TabMixPlus v0.2.5.2


    This extension makes Tabs highly customizable by offering options like
    tab focus control, duplicate tabs, Undoclosetab, tab opening control, restore
    last session and too many others to mention. It is highly customizable including
    a great many mouse gesture options.
    The 'Undoclosetab' feature is very handy when you close a tab and want to
    refer to the page later. Just check the Tab history and away you go.
    Easy to install though a little tricky to setup certain options.


    Forecastfox v0.8.2.4


    Supposedly the best of the weather forecast extensions. I only recently installed
    this and it seems to works well. It is pretty customizable too, allowing you to
    have long range forecasts, storm warnings and many other features. For American
    users you just add the Zip Code of the area you are interested in and the program
    does the rest. You can have multiple profiles (with different areas for each) and it
    will cycle through them if you so desire.
    Easy to install and setup.


    Colorful Tabs v0.3



    Eye candy for Firefox. This simple little extension adds a different color to
    all open Tabs. It makes Tab browsing easier on the eye.
    Easy to install and no options needed.


    CuteMenus - Crystal SVG v0.


    More eye candy. After you install this extension the drabness of Firefox is fully
    exposed. You will find all your drop-down and right click menu items now have
    neat colorful icons. Cheer your browsing experience up with this little cutey.
    Easy to install and no options needed.


    FlagFox v1.2


    I love this little extension. It places a small flag on the bottom right of your browser
    from the country your current web page is located in. It also shows the IP address
    when you hover on the flag and takes you to the Wikipedia entry for the country in
    question if you click on it. It could do with a little improvement. For example 'a
    copy to clipboard' for the IP data would be nice. It doesn't do DNS look-ups as all
    data is contained within the extension.
    Easy to install and no options needed.


    Menu Editor v1.2


    This is a neat menu customizer for all Firefox menus. It can add, remove or
    re-arrange the items of your choice. It works on context items or the main
    menu bars. There is a simple one-click options menu layout when using its
    Options and couldn't be easier to negotiate.
    It is easy to install and use.


    Searchbar Autosizer v1.0.4


    One of the more annoying things about Firefox is the set-size of the
    SearchBar. If you add a long sentence you cannot check the spelling unless
    you scroll along it's length etc. SearchBar Autosizer does what it says, it will
    resize the SearchBar to the length of the words or phrases you add.
    Easy to install and setup.


    Download Embedded v0.1


    This handy extension allows you to grab embedded flash animations,
    movies, music and whatever else you fancy from web pages. just right-click
    and your done.
    Easy to install and use.


    Linkification v1.1.6


    Linkification is just one of many extensions which serve basically the same
    purpose. They change plain text links into clickable ones and thus save
    you a little time and effort. Linkification can also suppress HTTP Referrers.
    and it will work on links with different text before the // and also without
    any text before the // links e.g. H**P// or H@@P// etc. You can also send emails
    with any plain text email address you double click on.
    It is easy to install and setup.

    Similar extension - Plain Text to Link v1.5.20051112


    There may be later versions of some of these extensions for Firefox v1.5.
    All the above work well on the previous Firefox version - v1.07.
    Ext2ABC v0.4.0, the latest version, only works in Firefox v1.5. If you are still
    using v1.07 then install Ext2Abc v0.2.1
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  2. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    May 9, 2005
    To your list, I would add:
    Customize Google
    IE Tab
  3. sweater

    sweater Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philippines, the Political Dynasty Capital of the
    Actually my most favorite that I'm always using in my Firefox extensions are the NoScripts, SpoofStick and ScrapBook, as other things are handled by my other programs. But... still m' learning how to use the other extensions. ;)
  4. rdsu

    rdsu Registered Member

    Jun 28, 2003
    Yesterday, I searched for extentions that I could use when the new version will be released, and after I will post them here...
  5. RipVanTinkle

    RipVanTinkle Registered Member

    Oct 20, 2005
    Mrkvonic - lol
    I don't know how I missed Customize Google as I have this installed ;)

    Customize Google v0.38


    This is yet another must-have extension. It allows you to block all
    Ads, anonymize your Google userid, filter spammy websites from search
    results, add links from other search engines in the Google results and
    a whole bunch of other useful stuff.
    It is easy to install and fairly easy to setup, if a little baffling at first.


    I have yet to install Scrapbook. This looks like a really neat extension
    and perhaps the best documented of all extensions. Check the website
    for full information. Pretty kool stuff.



    I haven't installed a spell check/ dictionary type extension yet as
    there are so many of these and chosing the best has been
    impossible so far. Anyone have thoughts on this type of extension?


    Spoofstick I tried a long while ago and will need to try it again.
  6. nod32.9

    nod32.9 Guest

    All-in-one Gestures
    Metaproducts Integration (for Download Express 1.9 download manager)
  7. Joliet Jake

    Joliet Jake Registered Member

    Mar 1, 2005
    Great list guys, will check it out when I've more time.

    A couple I found usefull was dictionarycheck and one that had an eye dropper that you could use to get the RGB colours of anything on the screen.
  8. Try This

    Try This Guest

  9. Notok

    Notok Registered Member

    May 28, 2004
    Portland, OR (USA)
    I had to reformat recently and found a couple of really cool new extensions that I thought I'd share. There's also a couple of other ones that I have been using for some time now that I thought I would include as well.

    ClamWin Antivirus Glue for Firefox

    This is an extension for Firefox that automatically scans all downloaded files with ClamWin antivirus, the open source antivirus. ClamWin may not be the best AV, but they do tend to get many signatures before everyone else, and it's currently on-demand only, so it makes a great addition to your current AV.


    Dr.Web anti-virus link checker

    This one has been mentioned here before, but I thought it was worth mentioning again. This lets you right-click on a link and scan the page for malware with Dr. Web's online scanner. The antivirus isn't actually on your computer, but on the Dr. Web server, so there is no impact on your system resources. After the scan is complete you simply get a window that pops up with the results. Great for sites that you might be suspicious of.


    SANS Infocon Monitor

    Displays the current SANS ISC INFOCon level on the statusbar. When you click on the status bar icon (either a small globe or a long bar with colors green to red) it will take you to a blog on the SANS site that usually has information on the latest/biggest malware threat currently circulating.


    Site Advisor

    This one has also been mentioned here before, but just too cool not to mention again. When you do a Google search (or a search with one of several others), this will highlight the results in green or red and put an icon next to the link. When you mouse over the icon it will tell you why it rated that site the way it did. This is a great extension with a fairly large database already.


    https://addons.mozilla.org/extensio...category=Privacy and Security&numpg=10&id=433

    This blocks Flash animations from automatically playing, replacing them with an icon that you click to enable that Flash object. There's nothing I hate worse than banner ads with obnoxiously loud sound.. especially since I keep my volume cranked up loud (and play music at a reduced volume) so that I can hear caller-id announcements all through the house when someone calls. Considering that advertising companies are now using Flash to get around people's cookie blockers, this now adds a very minor amount of security as well.


    Filterset.G Updater for Adblock

    I actually found this one here at Wilders, but (again) I think it's worth mentioning agian for anyone that may have missed it. This auto-updates the filter list for Adblock with the Filterset.G filters. This is a good list, and I haven't had to disable Adblock with it very often.


    IE Tab

    I had seen this one before, including the mention from earlier in this thread, but figured it wasn't that great.. well it is, it's now one of my favorite extensions and it works very well. If you're on a site that requires IE for the page you're on, you can just click the Firefox icon in your statusbar and it will reload the page in IE in the same tab within Firefox. This has been invaluable for when you're on an MS page and you want to download something, or if you're on a page like cinemanow.com and you decide you want to watch a movie.. you don't have to start up IE and paste the link in anymore, just click the icon once, and it's up in IE just as fast as it would take to reload the page, and doesn't even feel like you're using another browser :)
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2006
  10. JerryM

    JerryM Registered Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    Do either ClamWin Antivirus Glue for Firefox or Dr Webb cause any conflicts with the primary running AV on your computer such as Bit Defender?

  11. Notok

    Notok Registered Member

    May 28, 2004
    Portland, OR (USA)
    Nope.. ClamWin is on-demand only, so it won't conflict with your real-time scanner, and the Dr Web one doesn't install the actual AV on your computer, it scans the website from the Dr Web servers and just feeds you the results (it would be like if you could submit a URL to Jotti)
  12. sukarof

    sukarof Registered Member

    Jun 22, 2004
    Stockholm Sweden
    These extensions are bloating my Firefox, there are just too many "must haves" :)

    Anyway here is the ones that I can not live without:

    All in on mouse gestures back, forward, close tab/window, zoom and more, can do almost everything I want with Firefox with only mouse moves
    Tabbrowser extensions I can choose where to place the tabs and mouse over on tabs
    Bookmark backup
    IEview because there are a [very] few sites that dont look well in Firefox. Like my bank :(
    Noscript lets me decide if and when to run scripts on pages
    AI roboform toolbar smart move from makers of Roboform to make an extension = they got a new customer :)
    MrTechLocalinstall mainly the option to override version lock in extensions
    Get Jetable mail makes temporary emailadresses
    Gmailmanager for multiple gmail accounts
    Paste and go
    Permit cookies
    Flashblock again: lets me decide when to allow flash or not
    And adblock of course, goes without saying :)

    I have others but they are not essential like the ones above.

    The price one pays is that it takes a couple of seconds more to load than IE and maybe a second more on loading pages, but well worth it.
    I rather have an browser that does what I want it to do than a "fast" one. Configurability is the main thing for me :)
    If Firefox were to cost money - I would pay without hesitation.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2006
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