Fav LED dimming solution (yes, there is one!)

Discussion in 'hardware' started by axial, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. axial

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    Jun 27, 2007
    Folded up Post-It notes taped on tightly, little squares of window film cleverly cutout and glued on, or even black duct tape with edges evilly oozing goop ... we've all got our strategies to deal with the blinking LED lights on every gadget we own.

    In the spirit of promoting electronics and marital bliss for the holiday season, I wanted to share my fav solution: LightDims.

    LightDims are a godsend. We bought multiple packages, so sheets can be strategically stashed throughout the house for ready access. The young inventor is enthusiastic and personable. About 6 months ago he had enough time to talk for an hour telling us all about the genesis, a fascinating example of bootstrapping a business. Of note, he doesn't make huge amounts of $$ off of shipping -- .99 worldwide -- and even offers a "green packaging" option to further reduce costs.


    (disclaimer: no connection, just very satisfied LightDims converts pleased to end the tyranny of LEDs.)

    NOTE: LightDims are having a 1-day only Black Friday sale (Nov 25 only), a huge 85% discount and free shipping.
Thread Status:
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