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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by jinx, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. jinx

    jinx Guest

    i have the falkag checked in spywareblaster but adaware finds it after i get off the net. does any body know why?.....thanks
  2. jinx

    jinx Guest

    adaware is still picking up falkag. i have spyware blaster 3.0 up to date....anyone?.....thanks..
  3. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Please try downloading SpywareBlaster 3.1 (just released) and let me know if it blocks Falkag correctly. :)


  4. jinx

    jinx Guest

    it worked!! i uninstalled 3.0, then installed 3.1. went to same websites,then ran adaware when i got done and no more falkag. but i forgot to uncheck everything in 3.0 before deleting. should this be a concern? everything is working ok and booting up fine. is this falkag any danger or is any cookie or whatever it is,a danger to a pc?.....thank you...
  5. TheQuest

    TheQuest Registered Member

    Jun 9, 2003
    Kent. UK by the sea
    Hi, jinx

    Welcome to Wiler's and Javacool Software Forum.

    Have a read of what PestPatrol as to say:-

    Come back your fine everbody is alway willing to help on most Problem on Issues

    TheQuest :cool:
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