Failed to read sector 6291519 on hard disk 2

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by f3dot, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. f3dot

    f3dot Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2008
    Hello to everybody.

    Here's my story:
    I had 2 disks: 120gb samsung with system partition and program partition; and 320gb WD as data storage.
    I bought a new 1Tb WD hdd and wanted to move my data from 320gb one to it, and then to move system and program partition from 120gb to 320gb, to free 120gb one for my second pc...
    All sata power cables were busy so i had to connect new disk through e-sata (powered through molex).

    Using PartitionExpert, i managed to move around all the data; i removed 120gb disk, and everything was working ok.

    Now, after i moved 1tb from esata to freed sata i got this:
    In My Computer the new disk shows as RAW formatted,
    in DiskManagement it shows as 32mb disk.
    When i start PartitionExpert, i get these messages:
    "Failed to read sector 6,291,519 of hard disk 2" and
    "Failed to read sector 6,291,520 of hard disk 2".
    Then in PartitionExpert the disk total size displays as 31.8mb with a 931gb NTFS partition on it (with a little red cross on a graphical view).

    So, is it possible to recover my data?

    Update: i found that in BIOS the drive size was also detected incorrectly, then i googled up on some forums ppl having the same problem: 1tb disk detectd as 32mb. I followed their solution, using HDAT2 utility to set the disk to native capacity. Now in PartitionExpert i see a 0x65 (NetWare3.x+) partition, a broken 811gb 0x7 NTFS partition; and a 259gb 0x74 (Scramdisk) partition - which corresponds to data size i had on the disk...
    Looks like i've been hacked and my disk was encrypted... Too bad :((
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