Ewido scan my video memory?

Discussion in 'ewido anti-spyware forum' started by tong1774, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. tong1774

    tong1774 Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    I am new here, will like to ask a question regarding Ewido memory scan. Below is my spec before i start with my question:

    P4 2.8 Precott
    DFI Lanparty UT 915P-T12
    1 Gig of Twinmos DDR400 Value Ram
    Nvidia 6800GS 258MB
    Audigy 2 ZS
    Cooler Master 450 True Power
    1 X SATA
    2 X PATA
    2 X DVD Drive
    3 X 120MM Medium Speed Case Fan
    1 X 80MM Slow Speed Fan
    1 X Vantec Fan Card

    Window XP Service Pack 1
    Zone Alarm Free Edition
    AVG Anti Virus
    Adaware & Spybot

    Ok after intstalled Ewido it manage to find those other anti virus/spayware/adware missed. But i run into problem when i start scan memory when not in safe mode ( I knew i should have use it in safe mood ) The problem is when it reach 89.9%, the whole system will just freeze up. And after a while my monitor get switch on and off like every 10 sec by itself. The only way to stop it is ALT+DEL to force shut down EWIDO with task Manager.

    At first i thought its the processor got heat up and decide to refresh itself. But than i check in SpedFan the temperature during that period of time is ok. And then i check with RivaTuner, the core temperature is fine, but to my surprise my ambient temperature of my 6800GS went up to 127c! Its just there for like less then a sec, but its exactly when my monitor switch on and off. Show i start to conclude that the memory scan of Ewido actually scan my video memory and heat it up, or its a software glitch?

    This doesn't happen all the time, but 3 out of 5 times when i scan in normal mode. It didnt happen in safe mode though. So is it because i shouldnt scan memory when i am in normal mode? Oh btw when i am scanning the memory, there is no other application running except those background service. And it didnt happen either when i scan the registry, or directories in noraml mode. Only when i scan memory.

    Lastly, do Ewido actually heat up my video ram and cause it to refresh itself to prevent overheating? And would that damage my video card in long terms ( Well i wont scan it in noraml mode any more ) Or, there is only software base glitch and nothing to worry about?

    Really appreciate if anybody can help me here, thanks...
  2. FastGame

    FastGame Registered Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    Blasters worm farm
    127c on anything in the PC is something to worry about :blink:

    I think you need to check the HSF on the GFX card, and check your power supply. The most intense game ever shouldn't take you to 127c :eek:

    I'm no expert on Ewido, but, I tested it on 4 systems and the video cards never rose a peep in temperature.

    If Ewido is the only thing that causes this problem I'd suggest you don't use it untill you get things sorted.
  3. tong1774

    tong1774 Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    Thanks for reply. My 6800GS never go above 65c on core and 45c on ambient ( I assume the ambient is the memory since its the one that got heat up ) It only happen when i scan memory with Ewido in normal window mode, and only for a split second that it will peak at 127c, then straight away it will go down to 36c again.

    So right now i am not going to do that again, and i need to scan my memory i will boot into safe mode to do so. I am just curious cause it doesnt make sence. Even if it did heatup the video memory, i dont think it can go from 36c to 127c in a split second, then go down again to 36c right after the peak. Its just agaist any physical theory. So my bet is it should be a software glitch instead of a real heat up. But of course, i am not going to try that again. God knows what it will do to my 6800GS.

    Just curious it didnt happen to anybody else?
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