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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Mele20, May 28, 2004.

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    According to the help files, I'm supposed to be seeing those four viruses that NOD32 on demand scanner found last night using "c:\ /clean /delete /arch+ /pack+ /ah /quit" listed in the Event Log. The following is what the help file says:

    "The Event Log stores information of all events that have occured. This log lists the following information:

    Time - the date and time of occurrence of the event
    Module - the name of the NOD32 module which generated the entry
    Event - a brief description of the event

    How to send detailed information about an incident to Technical Support (vendor or authorized distributor):

    Right-click the line whose details you wish to send
    Select Copy selected
    Open your e-mail program
    Enter the e-mail address of your distributor
    Fill out the Subject line
    Click in the
    space of the message body to relocate the cursor
    Click Edit, then Paste
    The above procedure can also be used to include all detected viruses. To do that, select Copy all in step 3 above.

    An alternative way of copying the entire log with all details onto the clipboard is to click the Copy selected icon located in the bottom left-hand corner of the window."

    I don't see anything in the Event Log except for the history of updates. So is the help file wrong or is there something else wrong with my NOD32?

    Also, if I click on the NOD32 scanner logs and then highlight and double click on one of the scans to bring it up, on that scan's window should there be a "copy selected" button on the bottom left of the screen? There is one on the Event Log screen and the Virus Log screen, but I don't have one for the Scanner Logs screen and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the crashing and 100% CPU usage when I try to copy the scanner logs. This sounds dumb, but I can't remember if that button was there before this problem or not.

    Edited to say that I reinstalled the application that had one of the "supposed" viruses found last night byAH and ran the on demand scanner again with the same command line minus "delete" if it couldn't clean. AH found that same "virus" and when I later looked in Event Log, there was an entry this time for that infiltration. There was no entry last night for any of the four infiltrations found. So Event Log seems to be working correctly again.

    However, when I went to include all detected viruses (in my email) using the procedure outlined above from the Help file, I only succeeded in copying the entire Event Log and could not copy anything about the infiltration just found. So, that is not working correctly.
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