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Discussion in 'ESET Endpoint Products' started by U3A Mornington, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. U3A Mornington

    U3A Mornington Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2013
    We have uninstalled Kaspersky Antivirus and installed ESET Endpoint Antivirus on three linked PCs running Windows 7. On one PC we run a Firebird database with the other two PCs having access to the database with an address on TCPIP port 3050.

    Since installing ESET we are unable to access the database from the two PCs but have no problem with the PC where the database is loaded. It would appear that ESET is blocking the access. After uninstalling ESET on one PC the problem still persists.

    Could you please provide a solution to this problem as it is critical to our organisation. We are an non profit organisation (NPO) and have very limited volunteer technical support.

    Peter Norton

    U3A Mornington, Mornington, Victoria, Australia
  2. er34

    er34 Guest

    Hello Peter Norton (famous Peter Norton) ;) ,

    Can you confirm that you actually installed ESET Endpoint AV, not Endpoint Security ?

    I would recommend the following:

    1. On all computers you removed Kaspersky from, download and run additionally their removal tool to make sure KAV is really removed. Info here - have a careful look at this:

    2. On all computers where you have ESET Endpoint AV:
    - back-up the configuration (extract it)
    - uninstall ESET and reboot
    - run ESET uninstaller in Safe Mode:

    3. Check your firewall settings and make sure port 3050 is open for the appropriate parties (local network for example).

    4. Check your Firebird database and how it works.

    FURTHER recommendations:
    For the machine that acts like a server (the Firebird server) I would recommend ESET File Security for Windows (not ESET Endpoint AV):

    It lacks some web/http filter scanning which is best for servers.

    Additionally, make sure that you exclude from scanning the database and all other critical things :

    On the server install ESET File Server security (your business lic for Endpoint works for the server version, too). And reinstall the Endpoint AV on the workstations and import the configuration you exported.

    Post back your results and how things go after you performed the above suggestions. :thumb:
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