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  1. Marcos

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    Nov 22, 2002
    ESET is pleased to announce the availability of ESS v4 Release Candidate. It is downloadable from ESET's download page. It can be installed over any previous version. Should you run into issues with reinstallation, uninstall the former version completely prior to installing the RC.

    For update to work properly, the embedded username and password as well as the predefined update server must be used. Therefore, if you have other version than v4 installed, write down your username and password and uninstall the current version prior to installing the RC.


    • Added support for SSL in Microsoft Windows 2000
    • Added support for Windows Live Mail v14 (Beta)
    • Export/Import of the root SSL certificate to famous web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer)
    • Added an option for including external programs to created rescue media
    • Improved log filtering; "Smart filtering" allows most effective log filtering defined by ESET
    • Improved scanning; "Smart scan" uses parameters defined by ESET for quick and effective scans (the parameters will be adjusted later)
    • Improved exclusions to work with mapped network drives
    • Added support for UAC in the firewall
    • Added the MSN port (1863) in Firewall rules
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