ESET's version 5 editions of the business products have been released in Beta

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    ESET's new version 5 editions of the business products Endpoint Security, ESET Endpoint Security Suite and ESET Remote Administrator 5 have been released for public Beta testing. These business endpoint security products replace the former Business Edition products:
    • ESET Endpoint Security Beta (formerly ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition)
    • ESET Endpoint Security Suite Beta (formerly ESET Smart Security Business Edition)
    • ESET Remote Administrator 5 Beta (no name change)
    New features in ESET Endpoint Security Beta and ESET Endpoint Security Suite Beta, version 5.0.2008:
    • Randomization of Task Execution – Minimize server performance degradation, and AV storms, especially when managing multiple virtual machine clients on a physical server
    • Deferred Updates – Optionally choose to receive updates from special servers with 12 hour delays to give system administrators time to evaluate the impact to their network and ensure a smooth migration
    • Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) – Customize the behavior of a system by defining rules for handling changes to system registry, processes, applications and files; provides a granular approach to managing systems as an added layer of protection
    • Support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (MNAP) – Gather client status information such as age of virus database, version of antivirus product, and protection status; helps monitor system compliance status to identify vulnerabilities so system administrators can quickly bring endpoints up-to-date
    • Presentation Mode – Run in silent mode at user determined intervals to save CPU utilization and prevent disruptions to the work at hand
    • Shutdown After Scan or User-enabled snooze of scheduled scans; helps extend hardware life and saves energy and resources
    • Live Grid – Cloud-based whitelisting of "safe" files optimizes and improves on-demand scan times and limits possible false positives to a minimum
    New features in ESET Remote Administrator Beta, version 5.0.23:
    • Web Dashboards – Customize real-time network monitoring
    • Rollback of Virus Database/Program Modules – Rollback clients; freeze updates temporarily or indefinitely
    • Limited user access – Grant partial administrative rights to select user (groups)
    • Improved Active Directory synchronization with OU Filtering; better client and user management
    • Track Server license counts within ERA – Accurate and visible license management
    • New HIPS, Antispam, Greylist logs – New tabs in user interface for quick access
    • Immediate Execution of Scheduled Tasks – Accelerate individual client protection as needed
    • Quick Task Window – Temporarily disable or enable protection modules
    • Remote Install (SSH) for Linux/Mac OS clients; quickly deploy installation packages to all your clients, regardless of OS platform
    • Over 25 new report templates – Create customizable comprehensive reports with data from 50 different sources
    For more information and to download the products, visit the ESET Beta page.
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