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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v4 Beta Forum' started by Marcos, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Marcos

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    Nov 22, 2002

    ESET is pleased to announce the availability of a new product generation for testing. A public beta of ESET Smart Security 4 is currently downloadable from this download page. Please uninstall the version you currently have installed as the beta uses its own update server as well as credentials for update. Since it's still a beta version, we do not recommend installing it on production systems.

    The new version 4 features more than 50 improvements compared to the current version. The main changes are described below:

    - integrated ESET SysInspector
    - support for laptops (tasks can be postponed when the machine is running on batterry, a notification appears if a larger update is going to be downloaded, etc.)
    - added a non-graphic interface (suitable for screen readers used by visually impaired persons)
    - improved scanning of removable media (used maximum settings when running files from removable media, allows blocking/allowing USB ports)
    - improved cleaning
    - improved self-defense
    - added statistic graphs and information about the currently scanned object
    - added an option to use advanced heuristics on file execution
    - added an option to control the level of archive scanning or maximum scan time of objects
    - added option to supress notifications when applications are run in fullscreen mode
    - scanning of encrypted HTTPs/POP3s protocols
    - website management allowing to block/allow access to user-defined sites
    - new time-limited „learning" mode when all communication is allowed and rules are created automatically during the learning period
    - added a new mode - Automatic mode with exceptions
    - added an option to disable firewall features permanently
    - new Document protection module for scanning MS Office files
    - added an option to connect to 2 ERA servers
    - customizable context menu
    - UAC support
    - password protected uninstallation
    - notification about missing operating system updates
    - management of hidden dialog windows
    - Thunderbird plugin
    - Antispam now uses a user and global address books
    - potentially unwanted/unsafe applications are now reported in a yellow alert window which requires a user interaction

    We will welcome any feedback from you. If you come across any issue, please report it to betasupport[at] You can also create a new thread here where we can discuss it futher.
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Thread Status:
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