ESET Smart Security 4.2.35 released

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by Marcos, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Marcos

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    Nov 22, 2002

    ESET Smart Security has been released in English (ENU), Slovak (SKY) and Czech (CSY). You can download the new build from the download page and install it over the current version.

    Note: The links actually point to the new build even though the version information may refer to an older version at the time of the release.

    Changelog (against v. 4.2 beta):

    • Fixed issues with HTTP scanner and long domain names
    • Fixed issues with firewall system integration set to "Only scan application protocols"
    • Fixed issue with remote installation via Remote Desktop and interactive mode selected
    • Fixed issue with scan profile settings not retained after reinstallation
    • Fixed issue with SysInspector logs not retained after upgrade from older builds
    • Fixed issue with system freezing on Lenovo notebooks
    • Fixed ceasing of scan tasks when logged in as standard user
    • Fixes for other minor issues

    Changelog (against v. 4.0.474):

    • added new firewall zones that can be switched between each other automatically based on defined criteria
    • added an option to postpone installation of a newer firewall module until the next computer restart
    • added support for ESET Remote Administrator 4 features (e.g. centralized quarantine, upgrade,...)
    • added support for blocking hard drives connected via USB
    • added support for AIK 2.0 (part of Windows 7)
    • added support for Thunderbird 3
    • improved IMAP support in email client plugins
    • added support for NT4 (limited features)
    • added support for Opera 10 (changed path to certificates)
    • improved support for dynamic disks
    • license information updated more frequently
    • improved compatibility with Windows Filtering Platform on Vista SP1 and newer OS
    • improved mechanism for lockup prevention on heavily loaded systems
    • other minor improvements and fixes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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