ESET File/Gateway/Mail Security for Linux server Beta v4.0.3.0 Released*

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    ESET has released version of our File/Gateway/Mail Security Linux server products for Beta testing.

    At this time, the products are available to access and download from ESET's International English site. The North American release is now available.

    Key Features
    • On-demand Scanner – Scan selected directories or drives via the command line or set up periodic scanning tasks.
    • On-access Scanner – Monitor all files used by the OS or applications in real time.
    • Centralized Management – ESET Remote Administrator enables you to manage and modify security settings for endpoints and servers throughout your network from a single intuitive console.
    • Pre-defined Actions – Define default actions, such as "clean", "discard", "defer", "accept", or "reject" to be applied based on the scan result of an object, eliminating user intervention.
    • User-Specific Configuration – Set specific parameters for the scanning engine based on user identity or group.
    New Features
    • Improved WWWi - More options added to the web interface.
    • New Scheduler - Ability to set multiple tasks and actions for various program components.
    • Supported Platforms - Support for FreeBSD 8.X has been added.
    • Removed - Ended support for the FreeBSD 5.X. Customers running this operating system are still eligible to use previous generation of ESET File Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris.
    You can access the Beta product pages from the links below -- some regions may be directed to the main Beta page and not the individual product pages:

    ESET File Security for Linux server
    ESET Gateway Security for Linux server
    ESET Mail Security for Linux server
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