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    The Release Candidates (RC) of the version 5 business products are now available. The following products have been released:
    • ESET Endpoint Antivirus (formerly ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition) – build 5.0.2113.0
    • ESET Endpoint Security (formerly ESET Smart Security 4 Business Edition) – build 5.0.2113.0
    • ESET Remote Administrator – build
    • Added: Product name change implemented
    • Added: Device control functionality
    • Added: Web control functionality
    • Added: Client setup for Update rollback functionality
    • Added: Automatic scanning of removable media
    • Added: Client setup for plain text logging
    • Added: User can delay a scheduled scan
    • Added: Ability of mirror update server to serve updates in small packages
    • Fix: ESET Endpoint Security cannot be installed on Windows NT
    • Fix: Product crashing after system restart on Windows NT/Windows 2000
    • Fix: Occasional BSOD during system startup
    • Fix: System startup blocked if the product is not installed on the default disk partition
    • Fix: Product checking for newer version online before installation
    • Fix: Unable to access specified device, path, or file when HIPS is set to Policy-based mode
    • Fix: Randomization of tasks sent from ERA not working correctly
    • Fix: Occasional GUI crash during installation on Windows XP (32-bit)
    • Fix: New hardware detected notification window does not appear when FireWire device is connected
    • Fix: Missing notification about restart required when disabling Anti-Stealth
    Please be aware of the following Known Issues when updating or installing the Release Candidate. Visit the Known Issues page for a full list.
    • Installation – Upgrading from Beta 5.0.103 to RC is not possible due to the product name changes.
      SOLUTION: Uninstall Beta before installing RC.
    • Installation – Error notification “Selected server port is not available. Please select a different port.”
      SOLUTION: Ensure that prior to installation launch the ports are not used by any other server-type application. Once the installer detects that the ports are occupied and shows the warning, you cannot go one step back in the installation process or press the button for repeated port testing after confirming the warning. Confirm the warning and continue with the installation by clicking ‘Next’.
    • Conflict – “Web control is filtering only partially” message occurs when updating from an ERA mirror only without valid credentials entered in the Endpoint.
    For more information or to download the product, vist the ESET Endpoint Security Solutions Beta page or contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office.
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