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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by newbie2247, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. newbie2247

    newbie2247 Registered Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    I just installed ESET SS and am liking it very much except for the scary messages I am getting in my Firewall Logs and the Anti-Spam error process failure type of message in my Events Logs.

    I do not know what to do, if anything, about them. Very scary and nerve-wracking. :(

    Can I safely purchase something like Prevx, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes and (whatever other similar programs out there) run it along with my ESET or will this be a very bad idea?

    Also, which of the above is the best one - most comprehensive and effective - for me to use/buy?

    I've heard of a couple of freeware "on demand" programs we can use to augment ESET which is all fine and dandy but what about PAID FOR running programs? Are there any that play nice with ESET because I know I cannot realistically rely 100% totally on ESET?

    In general, as a rule, with freeware you usually get what you pay for with an exception or two. I've had my fair share of nightmares like everyone else and hope I've seen my last one. But I think not. All of a sudden one day 2 weeks ago my Internet connection has slowed down. Quite a bit too. All 100 recommended tests and scans come out pristine.

    The most troubling problem that I wish I knew how to avoid is software conflicts - 99% of the time: java script - nasty, malicious and deliberate bad coding which I am suspecting might be my problem.

    So, about running a paid for parallel program with ESET, what is the answer as I wish to pursue this? A few dollars is worth the peace of mind. Of course no program can stop the dirtbags who put out the malicious java script or prevent other software conflicts to screw up our computers or am I wrong about that?
  2. stratoc

    stratoc Guest

    I would just use malwarebytes free. hitman pro doesnt run in realtime.
    if you want paid for 2nd real time program prevx.
    you should post some of the logs that are worrying you i think.
    I have had nothing but grief with the firewall since upgrading to windows 7 64 bit. However the latest version with pre release updates is working a treat
    set gui to advanced got to updates, advanced and tick use pre release updates, ok this and search for updates. this should update firewall to 1062 which is working a treat for me.
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  3. agoretsky

    agoretsky Eset Staff Account

    Apr 4, 2006

    What error messages are you seeing? Perhaps they are more benign in nature than your initial appraisal suggests.


    Aryeh Goretsky
  4. newbie2247

    newbie2247 Registered Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    Before I reply to the above 2 posts - THANK YOU BOTH very, very much - I have an important (to me) question on this latest version being I have asked ESET via email twice and no reply. Horrible way to treat a customer paying mucho dinero for their product.:thumbd: But I digress.

    Where and how do I enable ESET Smart Security Suite to append the "This email has been tested by ESET and no virus found" or whatever the words are? I have been all over the settings to enable it since I upgraded to this version and for the life of me I cannot find the option.:oops: To me, this is one of the perks I want and choose to pay for being an ESET user and I miss having that on all my emails. Could somebody here please help me with this? It would make me a very happy camper.:D

    I have communicated with ESET and they said that the error messages were in fact BENIGN. Thank you gods. The ESET "person" I spoke with does NOT belong in Customer Relations.:thumbd: I wanted to get her name and report her.

    The messages are something about the Anti-Spam not working or some kind of error but it was in BLUE ink so I fretted but didn't go bonkers. Not until I started seeing firewall messages in RED ink. Then I flat out had a heart attack. ITP ncorrect packet checksums, ARP + DNS cache poisoning, and the like, 4 to 6 different kinds at the least.

    From what I've read in here, these firewall errors have been going on since time immemorial and I do not for one minute believe that ESET has yet to find a way to fix that bug. They charge enough for their software to pay their R+D department very well. I have no doubts regarding that, so why haven't they resolved these SAME errors yet? o_O

    For the record, I have Verizon High Speed Fios (totally wicked awesome download speed. nanoseconds.) and am behind a router. Hubby and I have totally separate desktops. He uses the Norton 2011 suite.

    With this in mind, could the router have anything at all to do with these firewall messages I wonder? Anything in RED scares the living daylights out of me but the ESET "person" said to ignore them. She also said: "Do NOT go into your firewall settings and un-check anything." That is contrary to what I have seen lots of posters in here recommend. She said that although it might stop the log messages it would leave me vulnerable in other areas. Oh great. :rolleyes:

    I was told by, at the very least, a dozen different people that because I am behind a NAT device - our router - that I could dump the ESET suite and just go with Nod32. Because I have the Nat Device, I could use Windows Firewall (excuse me while I laugh my a%@ off) and those 2 things combined would be more than adequate protection. Interesting. Many people (surprisingly) agree with this completely. What say you long-time ESET/Nod21 users and knowledgeable members about this idea/suggestion?

    I told Hubby about this and he answered that "there are different kinds of routers and he did NOT know if our router was the kind that acts as a firewall". DRATS.:ouch: So, now I don't know what to do. Our budget is horrid and any money saved at all would be a blessing. I can live without the Anti-Spam module based on my experiences with the ESET suite all these many years. On the other hand, based on what the ESET "person" told me, the much hated ESET firewall (that the entire Internet disses big-time in other forums, blogs and reviews) would probably give me more protection. Or not. This I really must be very clear on as my subscription ends in a couple of weeks. So I have to be very clear on ESET firewall - The entire suite - for extra money or NAT device and Windows Firewall and save a ton of money - just the Nod32.

    Appreciate any and ALL replies, ides, suggestions and so forth.

    Also, very much want to know how to enable the Tested by ESET signature kind of thing back onto the bottom of my emails.

    ps: Where so I go to post a Firefox question? Do we have a forum in here for that? All of a sudden, it no longer remembers my login info after restarts. Always something.:cautious: I hate computers.:gack:
  5. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2008
    Open the GUI and go into advanced settings (pressing F5 takes you there directly). Navigate to Antivirus and antispyware->Email client protection->Alerts and notifications. Select To all scanned mail from the drop-down list for Append tag messages to received and read email and again from the drop-down list for Append tag messages to sent email. You can test it by sending yourself an email.
    I agree with this. Just turn on the Windows firewall as well and you will be fine. The ESET firewall has a number of bugs, many of which have been there since the beginning, and have still not been fixed. NOD32 is a fine antivirus but I don't think it's worth paying the extra for the suite - just my opinion. If you really want to use a third-party firewall, there are some good free ones - no need to pay. Just search the forums and you will find plenty of information to help you decide.
    You can start a new thread and post your question under General Topics

    EDIT: On reflection, other services & software under Software, Hardware and General Services might be a better place to pose a browser related question.
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