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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v3 Beta Forum' started by Alf_, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Alf_

    Alf_ Registered Member

    May 7, 2007
    The Netherlands
    Yesterday I updated from v. 1a to 1b by installing 1b over 1a. As the title says, I have some errors/bugs to report, do some requests and ask some questions:

    1) Installing 1b over 1a resulted in the deletion of all firewall rules and settings. Of course I had a backup to recover, but this shouldn't happen.

    2) Copying/moving files (exe, dll, zip, etc) results in a 100% CPU usage of ekrn.exe for some time before the file was copied/moved. The time depends of the size of the file(s) and/or the archive. I'm using TotalCommander v. 7.01 to manage my files. All the ESS settings are set to default.

    3) Log files: button "Open in new window" doesn't do anything.

    4) It takes quite some time before a Firewall popup is opened when a program tries to connect. Very annoying. (reported before)

    5) Adding firewall rules by hand results in a program path in Windows style: C:\Program Files\programdir\programname.ext. Adding firewall rules automatically (after popup) results in a program path in DOS style: C:\Progra~1\progra~1\progra~1.ext. ESS 'sees' these as different programs, so there are 2 entries in the rules list for the same program. (reported before)

    6) Log files/Quarantine/Scheduler: Please let ESS remembers the width of the columns.

    7) ThreatSense setup, Cleaning level: What is exactly the difference between: 'No cleaning', <default>, 'Strict cleaning' ?
    I've read this thread where Marcos explained:
    but the tool tips are: 'No cleaning' = 0; <default> = 1; 'Strict cleaning' = 2.
    I'd like to setup my config as follows:
    OnAccess scan: ESS should quarantine the files completely and warn me directly about it
    OnDemand scan: ESS should quarantine the file(s) completely and warn me after the scan is completed with a list.
    How do I set this up? I don't want ESS delete files WITHOUT quarantine them; this happened some times before.
  2. Chappy

    Chappy Registered Member

    May 1, 2007
    Hi Alf

    I'll try to get to some of your issues here...

    #1 - This is the first beta version that is able to do an upgrade install so far. All others required a clean install so probably a few bugs persist there. I also tried an upgrade install but due to issues I uninstalled everything and did a clean install of 1b instead.

    #3 - This feature is not turned on as of yet. Not all features are on in the Beta builds, they get turned on as it progresses. I'll bet Beta 2 has that one working.

    #5 - Odd, I'll have to try that for myself. No idea why it would be that way..hmmm

    #6 - LOL! Yes, a major PITA that many programs have! My Symantec OEM trial was the same way, I tried Zone Alarm stuff and it was like that, and I can't count how many other programs I have that exhibit that same behavior of not remembering column sizes.

    #7 - I agree, those should be better explained in the tooltips.
    I'll look thru the settings again, I believe you can set to Delete without Quarantine somewhere. Remember again tho, this is Beta and not all features are in right now and not all things work. More stuff is changing in Beta 2, including GUI and many more features will be included/turned on.

  3. fhaber

    fhaber Registered Member

    Jun 27, 2007
    7- Agree. I can't help wondering whether a three-level selection wouldn't be better handled with radio buttons, rather than a slider. (Oh, nit- "stadard" for "standard" in the sidebar there.)

    Other nits:

    Eset should append (Packed Executables) to all mentions of "Runtime Packers." For those of us coming from other programs, this is more standard terminology.

    I'm having fugitive deletions, too, including one that's not in quarantine, about which Eset wants to send info back to the momma ship. So far nothing essential (gulp). I've now set things to no_clean, which I gather from the help means "prompt." (Non-subtle hint.)
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