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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Smotti, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Smotti

    Smotti Guest

    EVERY Time I try to clone my WinXP SP2 System from one SATA Drive 200GB (partition: 140 GB) to my other SATA Drive 200GB (one partition) and try to boot that new one after that, I cannot because Widows can't be loaded. What's wrong with my one2one clone? I'm really sure that I configurated every step right.
  2. Smotti

    Smotti Guest

  3. Smotti

    Smotti Guest

    Wow great forum here, thanks for help...
  4. Lubo

    Lubo Guest

    I had a similar problem when I cloned my drive from within Windows. I got around it by redoing the clone after booting from the CD. I think the problem is that in Windows TI asks you to asign a new drive letter to the clone, which is obviously not C:. Even after removing the old drive, Windows keeps the new drive letter for the clone. Then it tries to start all kinds of stuff that's hard coded to look at C: (this has been a major design flow of Windows since the old days). When the cloning is performed from the boot disk, the clone inherits the drive letter of the original and everything works fine.

    I hope this helps.
  5. RetiredBri

    RetiredBri Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2005
    Saffron Walden, Essex, UK
    Hi Lubo

    Do I understand you right?

    I have a PC with one HD - Drive 0: the master primary drive with C: (boot/OS) D: and E: partitions) and then start XP. Everything is fine.
    I then install TI9 in C:/Programs and you create the boot CD. Since I only want to clone, I do not make any images nor create a Secure Zone.
    I switch off, add Drive 1 as the slave. The aim is to use TI9 to clone Drive 0 to a larger Drive 1 so that Drive 1 can become my new primary drive with C: (boot/OS) ,D: and E: partitions.

    Before your post I believed the steps to be:

    1 Boot normally and do not attempt to do anything with TI9 - i.e. just see that the new Drive spins up and is recognised.
    Question: Is this correct? Would XP have assigned a letter/NTFS/Partitions?

    2 I would then have run TI9 from within Windows and used the Wizard to clone Drive 0. (I would have manually adjusted the partitions slightly)

    3 I would then have shut the system down and removed the old Drive 0. I would assign the new drive as the Master.

    4 When I then switch on, I'd expect everything to work just as it did with the old drive 0 and for the new cloned drive to be Drive 0 with C: (boot/OS) ,D: and E: partitions.

    However, from your post do I understand you right?. Do you add the new drive and then only boot from the TI9 boot disk to perform the cloning? Does this method avoid XP from giving the Drive 1 a letter assignment?

    I've read the manual a number of times and can't see that you must use the CD.

    Hope you can clarify the matter.

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