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  1. kruz

    kruz Registered Member

    Nov 15, 2006

    Yesterday I made an upgrade of ERA Server and ERA Console to 2.0.110 version, this process was very smooth without any problem, but when opened ERA Console the error (see attached screen) showed up in every refresh (f5) and clients aren't able to be seen through ERAC. I already tried the next:

    - Restarted ERAS service

    - Checked windows firewall, it was disabled

    - In Tools -> Server Options -> Server Maintenance -> a clean up now and compact now was made.

    - Uninstall completely both, ERAS and ERAC, restarted and installed again

    Note: Before this upgrade, everything were ok, by the way, Mirror in ERAS is working fine, all clients are up-to-date.

    Thanks for your help. ;)

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