EPIC Obtains FBI Reports to Congress on Carnivore

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    Through the Freedom of Information Act, EPIC has obtained FBI reports
    to Congress stating that the law enforcement agency did not use its
    DCS 1000 Internet monitoring system -- formerly known as Carnivore --
    during fiscal years 2002 and 2003. The reports were prepared in
    accordance with the 21st Century Department of Justice Appropriations
    Act, which requires the FBI to report annually to Congress on its use
    of DCS 1000 or later versions of the program.

    The existence of Carnivore first came to light in 2000. Reports
    indicated that the system could be installed at the facilities of an
    internet service provider and monitor all traffic moving through the
    ISP. The FBI argued that Carnivore merely "filtered" data traffic and
    ensured that investigators collected only those "packets" they were
    lawfully authorized to obtain. However, because the details of the
    system remain unknown, the public has long been left to trust the
    FBI's characterization of the system and -- more significantly -- the
    FBI's compliance with legal requirements.

    The first report obtained by EPIC states that the FBI used
    commercially available software -- rather than its own DCS 1000 system
    -- to conduct court-ordered electronic surveillance five times in
    fiscal year 2002. According to the FY2003 report, the FBI used
    commercially available software to conduct court-ordered surveillance
    eight times. The FBI reported that it did not use DCS 1000 to conduct
    surveillance during either fiscal year.

    The reports suggest that the FBI's need for Carnivore-like Internet
    surveillance tools is decreasing, likely because ISPs are providing
    Internet traffic information directly to the government

    FBI reports to Congress on use of DCS 1000:



    For more information about Carnivore, see EPIC's Carnivore FOIA
    Litigation Page:


    To see more documents about Carnivore, see EPIC's Carnivore FOIA
    Documents Page:


    (Bolding and italics for emphasis mine - Pete)
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