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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by mdjerome, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. mdjerome

    mdjerome Registered Member

    Oct 27, 2005
    I've read the manual (horrid by the way) and I'm really confused as to how to implement Enterprise version of true image and the use of the remote agent and the management console. I'm using 8.0.1196

    Right now I installed on one server the enterprise True image server and then the managment console. On a second server I installed ONLY the remote agent.

    When I launch the management console I can connect to that remote server no problem, However when I try to create a remote image backup of it then I get an "Error E000101F4 Cannot find the necessary Acronis True Image Modules"

    My first question is Do I also have to have the Full True Image enterprise server software installed on this remote server too? If so the book is very confusing and vague on that one. I thought the main server that I am running off of was the only one htat need that software and the other servers only need the remote Agent am I wrong on this?
  2. Ozmaniac

    Ozmaniac Registered Member

    Oct 17, 2005
    Brisbane, Australia
    From the Enterprise Server User Guide

    "1.3 Acronis True Image Enterprise Server Architecture
    Acronis True Image Enterprise Server includes the following components:
    1. Acronis True Image Management Console — helps you install and manage
    the Acronis True Image Agent on a remote machine: creates partition/disk backups,
    schedules data backup, etc
    2. Acronis True Image Agent — installs on a remote system to enable access
    from Acronis True Image Management Console

    3. Acronis True Image Storage Server — allows you to get a remote access to
    data storage devices (especially tape drives) connected to the PC (workstation or
    server) with the Acronis True Image Storage Server component installed.
    4. Acronis True Image (local console) — creates backup copies of partitions/disks
    and restores data from them if needed

    5. Acronis Bootable Rescue Media Builder — creates bootable discs (or
    diskettes) to enable partition/disk data restoration, even if the operating system is
    Also Acronis True Image Enterprise Server includes the utilities for work in a
    command-line mode and for scripts creation and performance."

    Point 2 tells you what the Agent is and doesn't mention backups.
    Point 4 tells you that the ATI local console is what performs the backups (imaging)

    You might also read the Licensing section of the manual
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