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  1. TS4H

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    Nov 5, 2013

    Download myAppFree from google play/ios to unlock professional version, browser extension and native Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Phone etc extensions available for multiple devices free. myAppfree provides key to unlock full version, all current info retained if you are already using it.

    Key features;

    -256 AES Open source encryption
    -Cross platform integration via, Google drive, dropbox, box etc and is optional.
    -Biometric fingerprint scanner if you device supports it.
    -Clean easy simple GUI
    -No server, so no data or keys are stored by them. Everything is managed on your end.
    -No sign up to use services.

    I have been using this since the lastpass takover with no issues in transferring and importing existing managed passwords. Tested Keepass for a while a too, but the browser support was horrible and various sites were not auto filled. Enpass has the features that I required it feels better to manage my credentials locally rather than by someone else to be honest. The browser integration and form/password filling has been top notch. All sites are recognized and filled appropriately.

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    Apr 1, 2014
    I love this password manager, and I haven't spent anything yet.