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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Kas, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    I searched the forum on this, got only 5 posts and non of them really dealt with my question.

    I have used MSGTAG now for 4 years without a single problem. My Email`s always give me an acknowledgement that the recipient has opened them.

    The only exception is if the recipients system is such that the MSGTAG return Email cannot be actioned - this does not affect the sent Email in any way - or the recipients security system regards the MSGTAG logo and footnote as Spyware.

    These exceptions are very rare, I really have not had an instance I can remember of a failure. No receipt of feedback - no read by recipient - true for about 99.9% of cases.

    My MSGTAG is the freebie edition and my being able to know that the recipient has seen my Email, is a tremendous asset that I would NEVER be without.

    Question - to the Wizards of Wilders.

    Some security systems block MSGTAG as Spyware ! I even had a MSGTAG article saved on my Favorites and Spyware Terminator marked it in red on search as Spyware.

    Even browsing the net on the MSGTAG subject, there are several website articles which say that MSGTAG is Spyware.

    I think this is utter rubbish, I have always found the MSGTAG organisation nothing more than angelic and thoroughly trustworthy.
    Do any of you Guru`s out there know why MSGTAG is being treated as an offensive intruder ?

    Gee Whiz, I can`t wait for your expert and professional opinion on this one.
    I have learnt to respect Wilders Wonders much better than net sporadic comments.
    Many thanks
Thread Status:
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