Elaborate Honeypot 'Factory' Network Hit with Ransomware, RAT, and Cryptojacking

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    Oct 27, 2012
    Elaborate Honeypot 'Factory' Network Hit with Ransomware, RAT, and Cryptojacking
    January 21, 2020
    CyberScoop: Researchers set up a mock factory network — and watched the criminals rush in
    Trend Micro: Fake Company, Real Threats - Logs From a Smart Factory Honeypot
    Whitepaper: "Caught in the Act: Running a Realistic Factory Honeypot to Capture Real Threats"
    (PDF - 4.79 MB): https://documents.trendmicro.com/assets/white_papers/wp-caught-in-the-act-running-a-realistic-factory-honeypot-to-capture-real-threats.pdf
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    Jun 22, 2010
    The part I love from the .pdf write up is how they had to shut down RDP on the honeypot due to the fact that they were attacked so frequently. It made any external network traffic almost impossible. So all these attacks noted were outside of the RDP attack scope.

    Also of note is how one attacker modified Win firewall rules to allow RDP.
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