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    [I'm sure most of you recall the massive hacking of the 20 past years of The Office of Management and Budget's (OPM) personnel records of all current and retired Federal Employees, including some Military Employees and of all of those who applied for top secret security clearnaces, including the intimately personal information contained in the 127 page Form SF86 Security Clearance Application Form. (OPM is akin to the Federal Government's Human Resources Department.) Because of the wealth of detailed and intimate far-reaching deeply personal info. contained in the SF86s, this was probably the most significant hack of the year, presenting a threat to national security. It caused the immediate recall of many of the USA's foreign operatives and remains a tool for foreign states to recruit and turn civilians, particularly those currently residing and or working abroad, who have/had top secret clearances. The thread reporting it got deleted because by it's nature it became highly OT and overly politicized.]

    "Vendor hired to improve security of OPM’s network goes out of business"

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