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    Nov 19, 2006

    Over the years I have noticed that each fresh install of XP yields different sized partitions. Sometimes it is only a file or two different and other times it is much different size. Example I have gotten:

    1. XP1=1.8 gigs w/ the windows folder at 9,033 files and 337 folders=1.09 gigs, (home edition)

    2. XP2=1.5 gigs w/ 6,253files and 308 folders = 649 mega bytes, in the windows folder!! (same XP as above both installed as C:\ system partition)

    The funny part is that they both worked fine. In fact the smaller XP also resulted in a solid TI10 DVD!!

    I wonder if these disparities are the cause of the intermittent corruption when copying a partition in DD10 or copying to DVD in TI10?

    EDIT:I have found another record of an install of this same XP home:

    3.=1.81 gigs w/ 8476files and 308 folders= 768 mega bytes total for the Window folder.

    Notice that the folder number is identical with XP# 2 listed above! I have looked around trying to find some source stating the true number of files and folders in the windows folder but can not find it (before any programs ect. have been added).

    I tend to favor the smaller XP as it works for my purposes without displaying any corruption but I am not using it for word processing/database or any arcane applications as it is used as the first partition in a visible multi-boot system and is really only a repository for boot up files for the other systems. This could explain why I have yet to encounter any corruption.

    It also restores in 3 minutes and 20 seconds which is fast for any of my TI10 DVD's.
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