Dynamic disk imported but without access

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by lhmreis, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. lhmreis

    lhmreis Registered Member

    Apr 14, 2010
    Friends need help. :eek: :eek:
    I reinstalled XP and have 3 discs and 2 dynamic. By checking the units were to import one. I did the normal procedure for import and external hard drive appeared, but without the filesystem ...

    I try to access it asks to format. I know that the data is it, but I can not lose them.

    Is there any way to return and recover them?:'( :'(

    I look back ... grateful
    XP Professional with sp3
  2. lhmreis

    lhmreis Registered Member

    Apr 14, 2010
    :D :D :D :D
    Come share with you about the above problem, one of the micro drives my wife to re-format the machine. The microwave was introduced very slowly and with a suspected virus, necessitating an urgent resettlement. This computer has three hard drives, one 40GB OS and two 120GB and 250GB. In these two larger hard drives are all our photos, family videos, programs, games and everything you can imagine utilities downloaded, cataloged, and that they spent a long time ago from Basic to Dynamic (my big mistake!), Totally forgot the fact that time of re-formatting. Imagine how my wife is jealous of this data ...

    Behold, I only remembered this when I had Windows XP reinstalled, updated, ready to use, and they could not see the two hard drives! (The end of the world) was there that started my martyrdom.

    Besides hearing a lot I lost everything and other things worse, I was also very stressed out when I saw that XP could not immediately access both disks.

    So I went to check in more detail each HD. The 120GB external disk was showing as I did the standard procedure to examine the disk and then import it ... Whew ... I accessed this and I checked all the files. I did the same for the second HD which also appeared in the same way he appeared, but without the system files!. Clicking asked to format ... wow! I first wanted the system to recognize the two hard drives with all their data, and then they wanted to spend the Dynamic to Basic, which usually gets lost all the data on this, but I am not resigned to this loss.

    At this moment, I thought, now what? I started looking in the forums (I got in six forums) for help but no satisfactory reply. I started looking for something similar to my case, but without success. Then I began to seek first the conversion of dynamic to Basic without losing data. I thought if I could convert a HD (120GB) to basic without losing data, could also with the other. I found an excellent program that does just that.

    The HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor (http://mh-nexus.de/hxd/ ) a hex editor that reads the hard drive sector by sector. I found this software through this forum - https://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=191006&highlight=convert dynamic disk basic[/ b].
    I installed and then to start it shows all disk sectors chosen. Done this you can see right at the end of the sector 0, line 1C0 have a number 42, which should be replaced by 2007; all 42 that there must be exchanged for 07, they show each disk partition. As the mine had only one partition then just changed a number 42.



    Done that saved this modification and restarted the computer. Ready to return as Basic disk and accessible data, Great! I thought then, will I get with the other HD. I did the same procedure, but no access. I went back to Dynamic and Basic a couple of times without success. The message "Disc not formatted. Want to Format? "

    Ai hit despair. I went over to the second part, recover data from HD when he was lost. I started a very extensive search with various software downloaded and tested (EasyRecovey Professional, PC Inspector Smart Recovery, Recuva, etc) but what was applied to save my HD was the GetDataBack NTFS 4.0.0. [/ B] ( HTTP: / / www.runtime.org / data-recovery-software.htm) Simple to install and easy to use, he read the whole HD, sector by sector also identified all the files and could recover all my data.

    First start by reading the physical hard drives installed on your PC, with this you select the partition that you want to retrieve. In my case only had one.


    He starts a search on the file system sector by sector to identify all files. After the search has finished he does a review of classification.


    In step two it shows a summary of what was found and soon after emulates an Explorer List where you can select what will recover.


    Just select what you want to retrieve, click the second button Copy option, choose the destination, which should be another HD ready and starts to recover all files.


    After I recovered all the directories with their files, formatted the second hard drive (250GB) and copy these directories back again, creating a backup.

    I found too many tips on this site - http://salvemeusarquivos.blogspot.com/

    Format between the machine and retrieve all the files took approximately two months due to demand, lack of time, trials and much patience, but all returned to what it was before. Now dynamic disk anymore.
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