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  1. Giantrobo

    Giantrobo Guest

    Plain and simply help!

    I was after a dvd cover maker program so I thought that I would have a look via google. A decent program was available on the www2.freedownloadscenter.com called DVD cover printmaster.

    I downloaded the install.exe file and renamed it dvdcoverinstall.exe so I knew what it was. I then decided not to bother installing it as for some reason I was rather dubious of it. So I went to delete the .exe file(remember it hasnt even been installed)and it says that it is being accessed by another user or program, I had a look through a program similar to task manager and it is active through explorer(the part that runs my windows xp programs) it often opens up more than one as well.

    I have tried closing them all down and then trying to delete it but no joy. If I shut down explorer completely my entire desktop disappears. I have managed to access it after that using the search function but it still says it is being used.

    I have used virus scanners, spyware scanner, entered in safe mode and nothing can get it. I went to use a system restore point and they have all been deleted, with the only current one made after i downloaded this .exe program.

    When I click on the properties of this icon I get the following tab options General, screen, misc, program, font, memory, compaibility, and summary to open up. Accessing some parts also caused a msdos symbol to appear.

    So basically I have no idea what it really is, what it is doing, I have had no response from the company responsible and would appreciate any help in removing this from my pc.


  2. nadirah

    nadirah Registered Member

    Oct 14, 2003
    The website seems strange, it says:
    Site www2.freedownloadscenter.com just created.
    Real content coming soon.

    The site has nothing at all, no download page nothing at all! So, my question to you is: How did you even manage to download that file in the first place?
    More information is required about the website and how you downloaded the file in the first place.

    Or is the link that you posted wrong? o_O o_O o_O
    Is this the correct link that you were trying to post: www.freedownloadscenter.com
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  3. Giantrobo

    Giantrobo Guest

    Hi, I guess the link I posted was wrong(I took it from my browser history)there shouldnt have been a 2 in it.

    But at the end of the day though its neither here nor there really, as the website dosent say anything other than what the program should be. I already enclosed all the relevant information on my first post, so if no one is sure from that I guess they have never encountered something like this.
  4. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2005
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  5. Giantrobo

    Giantrobo Guest

    Right program wrong website, IMO I just told you what the website was as well.

    And as I said in my original post I renamed the .exe file as the original one was just labelled as install.exe.

    And with regards to the website itself I had already said "the website dosent say anything other than what the program should be".

    Thanks for the link but again hardly here or there as I had no intentions of installing it or activating the program, I just wanted the .exe file removed.

    Which I finally did myself, for what its worth I stopped the program it was running through(explorer) using a task manger style program, then I cleared my cache and managed to delete it.

    I appreciate the effort lads but in all honesty next time try actually readiing what I have typed. As both posts were fairly irrelevant and pointless, either going over ground that I had already covered or focusing on the site that I had advised was a dead end. The problem wasnt the site, it was the file I received and all I wanted was from the info given someone to go "ah, ive had one of them, clear your cache etc", not a game of find the website.
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