Dual-Boot w/ 1 physical HDD, 2 partitions with XP and 7 respectively

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Icebreaker, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. Icebreaker

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    Jan 12, 2014
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    I wonder whether it is possible with the current release of TrueCrypt to encrypt a dual boot system with two versions of Windows, in this case Windows xp and Windows 7.

    When I'm talking about dual-boot systems, I do not mean a computer with two or more physical HDDs in it, and each physical HDD having its own OS. I know this is very simple to do, you can just install the OSes this way, then encrypt both drives (or more), and use the BIOS to determine from which HDD the computer is supposed to boot at each startup, thus selecting your OS via the chosen physical HDD in the BIOS.

    What I mean is putting the HDDs of today, which offer plenty of space for OSes and programs, to some good use by partitioning them into up to four primary partitions and then installing different OSes onto a single physical HDD. I have to add that I like to keep my data (audio, video, books, pictures, documents and other files, you name it) separate from my OSes, i.e. on different physical HDDs, so adding more HDDs is difficult, since I will simply run out of case space and power/SATA connectors quickly, as two HDDs are already present (one for OSes, one for the data). This approach works flawlessly without encryption, and I got several dual- and triple boot systems around, but the thing is that they are of course unencrypted.

    Now I want to encrypt them, and while there is plenty of information of how to do that with a (Windows + Linux) setup, I can hardly find any usable information on how to accomplish this feature with a (Windows + Windows) or (Windows + Windows + Linux) setup, all on one physical HDD, but each OS residing on its own logical partition.

    I've found a desciption of how to do it with Linux-tools and boot-loaders, but to be honest, this is way beyond my abilities. And with Truecrypt it does not seem to be possible now, or am I reading the documentation the wrong way? You know I put a lot of time and effort into setting up all my computers, and I don't want to "shoot them" by trying something stupid ...

    Will TrueCrypt support encrypting configurations like mine out of the box soon? Is this "in the pipeline"? Or is there any simple way to do that or sth. towards this end right now?
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