Drive Cloning Worked, cool!

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by zebraF, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. zebraF

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    Using TI-8. I've used TI several years for image backups, and have had to restore images due to failed experiments and drive updates.

    Never tried the clone feature until today. Moving from a 40G Seagate to 60G Maxtor on a dated 1GHz Pentium desktop. The source drive (master) is a dual boot WinXP Home/Win2kPro (tho W2k is currently broken due to unrelated experiment :). The destination drive {slave) already had some NTSF file stuff on it, but no bootable OS (and probably no MBR).

    I kept it simple, used automatic partitioning, allowed all existing partitions on dest. drive to be deleted. Partitions on the destination HD were larger, in proportion to their size on the source HD.

    After the clone task finished, I powered off the PC, reconfigured the destination hardrive to be a master hardrive (a single HD in the case).

    The cloned HD worked as expected. (Even the W2K boot was broken in the same way as the original hardrive :)

Thread Status:
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