Drive BAckup 10 - I'll give up !!!

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by Waschbaer, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Waschbaer

    Waschbaer Registered Member

    Jan 8, 2010

    I came to the conclusion, it's more dangerous to drive my system with Paragon Drive Backup 10 as without any backup!

    Why? - here are the facts,
    please Tommy, proof that I'm wrong.

    1) Running a scheduled DIFF backup of my boot-disk shredders the file arcdir with the effect, Drive Backup will not start again (error 0x111112).
    I sent the corrupt arcdir to the supportline.

    2) after about 3 days with working VSS suddenly this service couldn't be activated out of Drive Backup (see the forum here, I'm not alone with that problem). And yes, the service is running and chkdsk was telling FS is ok.

    3) for 2 times now hot backup fails also, and the worst thing is:
    for a fraction of a second a error message was displayed, then I was told a "Helper" SW will be installed, pressing the cancel button was ignored, the system rebboted a smal Linux kernel (o_Oo_O) why, I would like to be asked for such actions!, now the system asks me for a floopy disk, and this crappy Linux starts by every boot now, Thank Heaven the restore worked!!!
    What did Drive Backup do and how can I prevent that, what was the reason for?

    4) about the error 0x111112 problem I filed a ticket for 5 days now, but I got not even an ACK mail, hey - Backup is not a game!

    5) The email notification tells in all cases "no problems seen" :))
    The fragmentation size is reported as 8GB, but 4GB is the truth.

    For now I disabled Drive BAckup, because I am scared that:
    1) drive backup will not start again (err 0x111112)
    2) the Linux demon will show up his face again

    So, what could be done to avoid these problems?

Thread Status:
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