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    Dr.Web® for Windows solutions have long gained popularity with business and home users not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world. Many of them appreciate a decent spider in the right corner of the screen, which makes them feel quiet and protected. Even most sophisticated viruses cannot pass through its nets.

    A few can hardly think that this decent spider may conceal an unmatched technological power, which took years of painstaking work of leading specialists from Igor Daniloff Antivirus Labs. Reliability and security are the main two principles followed by the developers of the Dr.Web® antivirus products. Working in the antivirus company means being in a constant opposition to the global army of virus writers, many of them - talented who are perfectly aware of the antivirus programs operational principles and that's why they constantly try to devise new tricks to bypass the antivirus protection. Fully understanding that a small group of talented people will hardly cope with more and more increasing stream of viruses the author of Dr.Web® I.Daniloff decided to stake on the technology, create the universal detection and neutralization tools against all possible threats. That is how the modern Dr.Web® for Windows was born - a unique product, which conciliated respect of millions of users around the world.

    Dr.Web® for Windows competitive advantages

    Exceptional compactness of the program modules and the virus bases allowing to easily update even for users having slow Internet connections;

    A specially designed programming language for creation of virus bases which allows not only to highly efficiently detect the computer viruses and their modifications, but also to neutralize the malicious code infiltrated into a user's system;

    Full scanning of the computer system memory allowing to detect viruses not existing in a file form (CodeRed, Slammer);

    Well proved methodology of the virus bases updates allowing users to get protection from any viruses almost immediately after their signatures are added to the Dr.Web® virus base;

    Possibility of automatic updating of the virus bases without any user's intervention, requiring Internet connection only. User of the Dr.Web® for Windows can feel sure the newest virus bases will be downloaded to their computers in seconds after their release in the Internet;

    The highest level of protection of the most critical, from the point of view of the antivirus security, components — the SpIDer Guard™ resident monitor and the SpIDer Mail™ mail filter securing their smooth operation in any kind of the virus attacks;

    Ability to detect the computer infection with malicious programs and to cure the affected elements of the user system without full scanning of all hard drives by an antivirus scanner launch only;

    Unique possibility of the mail traffic protection on the workstation by the SpIDer Mail™ antivirus mail filter which allows not only to prevent penetration of infected mail messages into a computer, but can also avert mass distribution by an unknown mail worm of its copies;

    High response speed to emergence of new viral threats provided by the global virus monitoring network;

    Exclusive quality of the heuristic analyzer allowing users of the Dr.Web® for Windows to meet many virus epidemics fully armed without waiting for the respective virus bases updates
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