does auto update run when computer is on standby?

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by diesel, May 24, 2004.

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    :) as you can all see, i had a bunch of questions today
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    Yes it does update when on standby if set to auto update (assuming you have an always on connection to the internet such as cable modem). However, setup is a mess for W98 boxes. If you have XP, follow the instructions in help to set it up and it is simple to do. If you have W98SE forget help as it is totally misleading and if you go by it, you won't get auto updates when on standby.

    I used to not have the W98Se box on auto update but on notify for definitions and program updates. I changed that recently to auto update every hour. Ha! I just checked this box and it is never shut down and there had been no update since May 19! Yet it is set on auto update every hour for the definitions and on notify before update for program updates. I had followed the instructions which I see now are only for W2000/XP boxes.

    On W98SE, you have to go in and set up a specific task which is unnecessary on my XP box and which the Help files says is unnecessary. But as soon as I set up a specific task, it updated within less than 5 minutes automatically.

    I hope that the help file will be updated for W98/ME boxes with the upcoming beta. It is very irritating to follow the instructions in a help file and then find out they don't apply to your OS. The Help file says :
    Select type of update or leave the default
    Schedule the update or leave the default (update attempt every hour)
    Click OK

    You cannot leave the default on W98SE box but you can on XXP box. You MUST schedule the update using one or more of your profiles for the W98SE boxeven if yowant it to update every hour which is the default. Again, this is not necessary for XP. This must be a bug.
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