Does a Xbox360 Controller have any Space ?

Discussion in 'hardware' started by WSFAccount, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. WSFAccount

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    Sep 1, 2013

    i have a problem with my xbox 360 usb controller for pc.
    u need to know that ive got problems ~ Snipped as per TOS ~ for quite a time concerning malware etc cause of a security hole in our network.

    whatever, i had the controller plugged in while i was online with linux it was working fine all the time and since that day its not working anymore.

    when i plug it in it just says driver cant be installed but i do everything like i ever did and should.

    this even happens when i completly reinstalled windows 7 after a format unplugged bios battery cmos jumpered and using driver files which absolutley cant be modified.

    as far as i know these gamepads dont have any space on them but i may be wrong. thats why i ask...

    if they have, what can i do to wipe it ? i mean the damn thing doesnt even pop up in the list of devices anymore...all i get is a error thats it.
    in case u ask, yeah other usb devices do work without any problem.
    this really sucks ive paid money for the thing...

    ~ Snipped as per TOS ~

    before i forget it, ive searched google for this didnt found anything useful tho.
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