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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by JO, Feb 13, 2003.

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  1. JO

    JO Guest

    I've got another question. I keep reading about all these security softwares but I'm not sure how much I realistically need.

    My info first:
    It's my home PC
    I have a DSL connection
    I have Sygate Pro 5.0 firewall
    I have NAV 2003
    I clean out my cache, cookies, temp files, history folders, etc w/ Window Washer

    So my question is, is that enough or do I need more? I've read about anti-trojans, adware/spyware, etc, etc but I'm not sure if I realistically need all that. I wan't to be reasonably safe (know nothing is perfect) but don't want to over burden my resources w/ a ton of security programs that I don't really need.

    Any help would be appreciated....Thanks.
  2. root

    root Registered Member

    Feb 19, 2002
    Missouri, USA
    Hi JO. I would say yes, you definitely need an anti trojan. Had you chosen KAV, you would have good trojan protection along with virus protection, but NAV is not renown for its trojan catching abilities. Besides, as Paul likes to say, it's not good to put all your eggs in one basket.
    Also, if you use Outlook or OE, I would suggest something like WormGuard by DiamondCS. They also have the best AT, TDS3, in my opinion. They did have a package deal going for a good price, but I don't know if its still available.
    I don't know how your finances are, but a good AT is a must unless you keep current images of your C; drive that you can store on CDs to be replaced if needed.
    Trojan Hunter and BO Clean are also good products for ATs.
    You could even consider KAV installed as either resident monitor with NAV backing it up or just install KAV scanner and updater and manually scan all downloads and attachments. KAV has an excellent unpacker and trojan protection.
    Lots of ways to go. That last thing I mentioned is not something many people do, but it could work.
    There is also registry protection with something like RegRun not free, or System Safety Monitor, free.
    And then there is privacy software, depending on how paranoid you want to be.
    Don't try to take it on all at once if its new to you. Learn as you go and take care of the basics first. An AT is definitely next in line for you.
  3. the Tester

    the Tester Registered Member

    Jul 28, 2002
    The Gateway to the Blue Hills,WI.

    There are lots of security programs that you can use.
    Should you use more?Probably.But,like Root says don't take it all on right away.

    An AT program is an excellent addition for protecting your pc.

    After that it all depends on personal choice,surfing habits,risk.
    After an AT program,I would look at Spybot search and destroy for Spyware detection.Spybot does more than remove spyware/adware.
    Check out javacool's programs also.He has a line of "Blaster" programs that are effective and easy to use.
    Spybot and the Blaster programs(Spyware Guard also)are all supported very well by the developers.

    Take it one step at a time and have a safe journey.
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