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    DivX Create 6.0.3 is a free update for all registered users
    of DivX Create and can be completed by simply downloading
    and installing the new version. There’s no need to uninstall
    older versions and your DivX software registration will not
    be lost during the update.

    Download the free DivX Create 6.0.3 update:

    What's new in this version?
    * Update to DivX codec 6.0.3
    * Update to DivX Converter 6.0.3

    New in the DivX Pro 6.0.3 codec:
    * Support for DivX AVI thumbnails in Windows Explorer
    * Support for DivX 3.11 playback when the advanced
    hardware overlay option is enabled
    * Better handling of post-processing/quality settings in
    the DivX decoder
    * Improved interoperability with third-party video

    New in DivX Converter 6.0.3:
    * Motion JPEG source files are now supported
    * An "insufficient disk space" error is no longer
    reported when sufficient space is available
    * Internationalized operating systems using unicode
    filenames are now better supported

    DivX Converter plug-in
    An optional plug-in is available for DivX Converter that
    adds support for MPEG-2/DVD input including subtitles and
    alternate audio tracks. A 15-day trial of the plug-in is
    included with your registered DivX Create Bundle and begins
    when you first use DivX Converter. To find out if you
    already have a registered version of the plug-in, run the
    "Register Products" link in the DivX programs group on your
    Start menu. If you would like to add the plug-in to your
    registered bundle you can purchase it for $9.99 USD using
    the link below:


    When you buy the plug-in you will receive a new plug-in
    serial number. You should keep this serial number together
    with your original DivX Create serial number in case you
    need to re-install the software in future.

    Grab your lab coat…
    The DivX team frequently releases experimental projects and
    beta software through DivX Labs, our technology playground.
    If you would like to be among the first to experience the
    latest DivX technology, be sure to stop on by:


    Also, Firefox users can easily subscribe to the DivX Labs
    RSS news feed by clicking the orange icon in the bottom
    right of your browser while viewing the DivX Labs homepage.
    You can also add the following feed URL to most RSS news

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